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Welcome to 鄭醫師

7780 Woodbine Avenue, Unit #8
Markham, Ontario L3R-2N7 Canada

email us at contact@myoworkshop.com

Alice Cheng

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We will be closing for Christmas Holidays
from December 24, 2017 to January 8, 2018

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It’s time to take care of your health

We are here to help you

define and achieve your optimal health.

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Alice is specialized in

Scoliosis Therapy Treatment

To reduce degree of curvature
To prevent increase of spine curvature
To balance muscles
To correct overall posture
To decrease scoliosis pain

Call us for an appointment

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Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)
Osteopathy (DOMP)
Acupuncture (R. Ac)
Cupping Therapy
Detox Massage
Foot Deep Tissue Massage
Registered Psychotherapist
Registered Social Worker
Continue Education Unit
- Professional Provider

Scoliosis Therapy Specialist
Custom Orthotic
Compression Socking
Yoga for Backcare
Postural Correction
Yoga Therapy
Yoga Teacher Training
Healing Yoga Class - Free trial
Yoga accessories
Healthcare products
Facial Spa Treatment


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Foot Deep Tissue Massage
Foot Soft Tissue Technique

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A custom orthotics that delivers superior clinical results

Call or email at myoworkshop@gmail.com to make an appointment

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Introducing JEBA™

Medical Hosiery

check out the details below

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Continue Education Units (CEU) Provider

Myo-Modern Cupping Therapy
Myo-Physio Taping Therapy
Chair Massage Therapy
Meridian Massage Therapy
Low back disorders for Yoga Therapists

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Yoga Class Schedule

and Package

New Beginner Yoga Class

our services

Services Provided

Myo Therapy & Healthcare Inst. is a dedicated highly skilled team of professionals …


Orthotics Services

Do you want to be pain free?  The answer can be right under your feet. Find out how …



At Myo, we provide greatest range of healthcare and diversity of services in the heart of Markham.

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JEBA™ Medical Hosiery

Yoga changes your body, your lifestyle, starting the day you begin. Find out …


Continuing Education Units Provider

We are the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, Continue Education …


Yoga Teacher Training

Do what you love!  Inspire to deepen your practice, teaching and advance your teaching career …


Yoga Class, Schedule & Fees

Yoga changes your body, your lifestyle, starting the day you begin. Find out …



10 Minute Cushions

The purpose of The 10 Minute Cushiontm is to stretch and correct your posture,