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Welcome to 鄭醫師

7780 Woodbine Avenue, Unit #8
Markham, Ontario L3R-2N7 Canada

email us at contact@myoworkshop.com

Alice Cheng

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It’s time to take care of your health

We are here to help you

define and achieve your optimal health.

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Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)
Osteopathy (DOMP)
Acupuncture (R. Ac)
Cupping Therapy
Detox Massage
Foot Deep Tissue Massage
Registered Psychotherapist
Registered Social Worker
Continue Education Unit
- Professional Provider

Scoliosis Therapy Specialist
Custom Orthotic
Compression Socking
Yoga for Backcare
Postural Correction
Yoga Therapy
Yoga Teacher Training
Healing Yoga Class - Free trial
Yoga accessories
Healthcare products
Facial Spa Treatment


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Foot Deep Tissue Massage
Foot Soft Tissue Technique

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A custom orthotics that delivers superior clinical results

Email at myoworkshop@gmail.com to make an appointment

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Introducing JEBA™

Medical Hosiery

check out the details below

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Continue Education Units (CEU) Provider

Myo-Modern Cupping Therapy
Myo-Physio Taping Therapy
Chair Massage Therapy
Meridian Massage Therapy
Low back disorders for Yoga Therapists

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Yoga Class Schedule

and Package

New Beginner Yoga Class

our services

Services Provided

Myo Therapy & Healthcare Inst. is a dedicated highly skilled team of professionals …


Orthotics Services

Do you want to be pain free?  The answer can be right under your feet. Find out how …



At Myo, we provide greatest range of healthcare and diversity of services in the heart of Markham.

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JEBA™ Medical Hosiery

Yoga changes your body, your lifestyle, starting the day you begin. Find out …


Continuing Education Units Provider

We are the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, Continue Education …


Yoga Teacher Training

Do what you love!  Inspire to deepen your practice, teaching and advance your teaching career …


Yoga Class, Schedule & Fees

Yoga changes your body, your lifestyle, starting the day you begin. Find out …



10 Minute Cushions

The purpose of The 10 Minute Cushiontm is to stretch and correct your posture,