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Detoxification regimens help your body to eliminate waste material and toxins from tissues and organs. Although the body has its own natural detoxification process, many people believe that the increased amounts of pollutants in our environment – from car exhaust fumes to household chemical cleaners – necessitate undergoing additional detox methods to avoid the buildup of excess toxins in our bodies., however, points out that there is no scientific proof that supplemental detoxification remove toxins from the body and might actually cause harm. Be sure to consult your doctor before undertaking any kind of detoxification program.


Time Your Detox Right


According to, the best time to undergo a detox program is when your body has been overwhelmed by toxins and may be in need of additional support. For example, detox might be most beneficial after overeating, consuming too much alcohol, eating unhealthy foods, during times of stress, after recovering from an illness, or when you have engaged in other unwholesome habits. The site warns, however, that cleansing your body through detox should not be seen as a “quick fix” after a period of indulgence. Detox should be part of a long-term program to bring healthy habits into your life.


Chose your Detox Program Wisely


Not all detox methods are right for everyone. The type of detox program you undertake depends upon your age, physical activity levels, weight, and general health. notes that strenuous detox regimes such as water fasting are only recommended for healthy, active individuals. Overweight or sedentary people might be better suited for gentler forms of detox, such as fruit juice fasts, or fruit and vegetable diets. For the safest and most effective results, work with a doctor, nutritionist to design a detoxification method that is right for you.


Eliminate Unhealthy Habits


No matter what form of supplemental detox you choose to undertake, it won’t be effective if you don’t reduce your exposure to toxins in the long-term. This means that you should quit smoking cigarettes, minimize your exposure to second-hand smoke, and scale back on drinking alcohol. You should also give up on processed, fatty foods, and avoid sugar and unrefined wheat products.




Exercise is an essential aid to detox. Walking, biking, jogging and other heart-pumping exercises increases the amount of oxygen brought to the body and helps to keep the digestive system in proper working order. Moreover, according to, an accelerated heartbeat helps speed toxic cleansing and the sweat you generate allows wastes to be flushed through our pores. Yoga is believed to be a particularly good for helping the body detox. notes that certain yoga poses stimulating the organs involved in digestion and detoxification, improve blood circulation, and help clear the mind of the mental toxins that can also bring you down.


by BARBARA DIGGS          Last Updated: Jul 18, 2017