Do you need custom orthotics?


How can custom orthotics help?


Custom orthotics play an important role in reducing stress and strain on the body by restoring a natural balance through healthy movement patterns. With regular use, custom orthotics will allow you to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Even though they will last for many years, we recommend a comprehensive gait assessment every one to two years to ensure that the custom orthotic continues to meet your changing needs.

Why is a GaitScan™ analysis so important?


Your foot is in contact with the ground for less than one second, making it nearly impossible to determine abnormal foot function with the naked eye. This is why we have chosen to use a GaitScan™ as part of a comprehensive gait analysis. This cutting edge technology will provide critical information to determine if you will benefit from a custom orthotic.

What is involved?


Step 1: Physical Examination

During the comprehensive gait assessment, we will perform an examination while you are standing or walking, and while seated. This allows for an overview of the alignment, movement and muscle function of the lower limbs.

Step 2: GaitScanComputerized Analysis

As you walk across the GaitScanTM pressure plate, over one million data points are collected. This data will provide insight into the unique timing and pressure of your gait that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and will indicate whether you will benefit from a custom orthotic. This data also creates a dynamic cast of each foot and eliminates the need for plaster or foam casting if an orthotic is required.*

Step 3: Diagnosis and Casting

If we recommends a custom orthotic based on your diagnosis, they will send the dynamic cast of each foot to The Orthotic Group, where a skilled team of technicians will manufacture a pair of orthotics to meet your unique needs.

What is the next step?


A comprehensive gait assessment allows us to determine if your feet are having a negative impact on the way that you stand, walk, run and move.

The assessment will include a physical exam of your lower limbs followed by a GaitScanTM Computerized Analysis. A report will be generated by the GaitScanTM software that we will analyze and use to make a diagnosis.

Are you caring for your health from the ground up?


Consider the following questions:

Do you suffer from foot, knee, hip or low back pain?

Have you injured joints or soft tissue in your lower limbs?

Have you ever had surgery on your feet, knees or hips?

Do you have arthritis in your feet, knees or hips?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you may benefit from the use of custom orthotics. Ask us for a comprehensive assessment that includes a GaitScanTM Computerized Gait Analysis today.


SkateFlex Custom Orthotic


This custom orthotic is designed to fit into an ice skate or rollerblades. The custom fit of this orthotic takes into account the unique biomechanical functions of the foot during skating compared to gait.


Scancast 3D scanning technology 


To prescribe and deliver the best orthotic solution, a scanner that doesn’t compromise on the accuracy that you have come to trust with plaster or foam.

Why ScanCast 3D?

ScanCast 3D captures a true 3D volumetric image of the entire plantar surface of the foot using a two camera system, allowing a high degree of orthotic customization and precision.

Our true 3D system accurately captures the forefoot and rearfoot relationship in subtalar neutral, which is crucial for width, varus and valgus findings.



ScanCast 3D has all of the versatility that is needed to perform a comprehensive examination and create an orthotic prescription.


Non-weight bearing scanning

Semi-weight bearing scanning

Delineate painful area

Dual camera system

Accuracy & Versatility


ScanCast 3D allows us to achieve the same accuracy and precision we have come to trust with plaster or foam with the freedom to scan your semi or non-weight bearing.  It can even mark specific lesions or painful areas for pad placement.

ScanCast 3D saves you time and money.

Imagine not having the mess and cost of plaster or foam without compromising accuracy and results.

The ScanCast 3D capture the image of each foot in only 7 seconds.

The result?

Faster turn-around-time and a custom orthotic that delivers to you with superior clinical results.