Why “Sitting Is The New Smoking” Doesn’t Really Matter


The damage is real and you need to be aware of it.

However, I feel that we miss the most important part.

In the video, pay special attention to how you were born to move.

Every tool in your body — muscles, tissues, skin, bones — is structured for movement.

Even if sitting wasn’t bad for you… do you want to spend your life not exploring what it can do?

That’s the real question.

Not “how can I remind myself to keep moving every 30 minutes?” but:

“Can I learn to do handstands?”

“What are the martial arts?”

“What’s it like to do a backflip?”

“What if I learned to dance?”

“What does surfing feel like?”

Avoiding the dangers of sitting is important. But it becomes a moot point when you become curious about how your body can move and what you can do.

The antidote to desk-life isn’t a reminder app. It’s curiosity.

The more curious you become about different movement — martial arts, dance, parkour, capoeira, yoga, gymnastics, calisthenics, the more the worry of “sitting too long” becomes irrelevant.

What types of movement have you built into your life?

From Mindvalley Academy blog